Bike trails in Magaliesburg

If you are visiting Magaliesburg over the weekend dont forget to pack your mountain bike and explore the Magaliesburg! The Magaliesburg Mountain Bike mag1 magaliesburg mountainsTrails are open 7 days a week and park and pay points are at Valley Lodge and Whispering Pines, 2 stunning venues offering you great facilities to enjoy (bar, restaurant, health spa) after a great ride on the #Magaliesburg mountain bike trails! Only R20pp and this includes a full colour map allowing you access onto private property areas that would normally be off limits to cyclists. Accommodation is available through Magaliesburg Tourist Information and Accommodation

2 thoughts on “Bike trails in Magaliesburg

  1. Goodmorning.
    I came out on saturday to view the good old steam train coming into the magaliesberg station.
    Now what annoyed me is that firstly the station is a mess…..litter all over the show..
    And furthermore being annoyed that we couldnt get anything to eat or drink.
    Magaliesberg used to be a nice clean dorp….its now a dump….could i suggest that the locals get off their collective arses and clean up the town….have locals selling stuff.
    Why have an attraction ..when it is in fact an eye sore..
    .I know its easy for me to critise….but reclaim the town and get all the locals involved.
    and i know my spelling is up the creek

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