Heavy rains fall in the Magaliesburg area

Hartbeespoort Dam
After several days of heavy rains the sluices at Hartbeespoort Dam were opened. The dam supplies water through a network of canals that stretch over 540km!

The dam is 149m long and 59m high and is built across a gorge cutting through the Magaliesberg. The reservoir is fed by the waters of the Crocodile River and Magalies River and covers approximately 18.83 square kilometres with a mean depth of 9.6 metres and maximum depth of 45.1 metres It has a surface area of 20 square kilometres and its normal range of annual water level fluctuation is 0.8 metres

The dam was completed in 1923.

Magaliesberg Adventure Sports – Impi Challenge at Hartbeespoort Dam

Impi Challenge

Impi Challenge



Two-time New Balance IMPI Challenge Cape Town winner, Charl Souma (Claremont) is hoping to continue his winning streak this time in the North West Province when he takes on the New Balance IMPI Challenge at Van Gaalens Cheese Farm in Hartbeespoort on Saturday, 06 April 2013.

According to Souma, his desire for adventure is what led him to the New Balance IMPI Challenge. “I was looking for an adventure that would take me out of my comfort zone, but would still be safe and enjoyable. I enjoy the challenge that the event poses to me as an individual, and I love the atmosphere that is created by all participants. The best way to describe the IMPI Challenge to newcomers is to compare it to when we were children and how much fun we had playing in the park, running, jumping, rolling and crawling. The IMPI Challenge is like that, except way more fun and much more difficult. I am not the fastest or strongest athlete, but I possess a good balance between running ability and physical strength, this is exactly what the IMPI Challenge demands. I have won the IMPI Elite race in Cape Town for the past two consecutive years. The title of IMPI Elite Champion is a prestigious title to hold. Seeing as I have already defended my title in Cape Town, I would like to be able to boast that I have also challenged for it in Gauteng. I also can’t wait for New Balance IMPI Challenge KZN in May. The IMPI Challenge is a terrific day out that combines fun and exercise. Participating in this event definitely awakens your inner child,” laughs Souma.

Venues for the New Balance IMPI Challenge are specifically chosen for their exclusivity and ability to accommodate fun obstacles that will challenge participants both physically and mentally in the ultimate adventure challenge. Set over 12 gruelling kilometres with 18 extreme obstacles for the IMPI Challenger Race and 18km with 25 extreme obstacles for the IMPI Elite Race, the IMPI Challenge combines trail running with a military style obstacle course.


Date: Saturday, 6 April 2013
Start: 08:00 – IMPI Elite Race
09:15 – IMPI Challenger

Date: Sunday, 07 April 2013
Start: 08:15 – IMPI Challenger

Venue: Van Gaalens Cheese Farm (Hartebeespoort / North West Province)
Format: Participants could enter individually or as part of a team (teams vary in size from 2 – 10 people, although you start together, you do not need to finish together)

Up For Grabs: The best dressed individual or team entries stand the chance to win awesome New Balance shoes, IMPI kit or Tsoga Sun weekend vouchers!

Other Event Dates:
– KZN Debut: Saturday, 18 May 2013 at Virginia Farm, Eston
– Cape Town: Saturday, 19 and Sunday, 20 October 2013 at Lievland Wine Estate and Wiesenhof Legacy Park (Stellenbosch).

Entries are open for KZN, while entries for Cape Town will open in May 2013.

Community Support: The New Balance IMPI Challenge supports the Woodside Special Care Centre, a private residential home for intellectually and physically disabled children and young adults. Established in 1976 the Woodside Special Care Centre offers a wide range of services designed to promote the development of each of its children.

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For more information on the Woodside Special Care Centre visit http://www.woodside.org.za For more information on the New Balance IMPI Challenge contact Hayley Weinberg on 073 411 5575, email info@impichallenge.co.za or visit http://www.impichallenge.co.za

Magaliesburg history and facts

Magaliesberg mountain range

Magaliesberg mountains

The Magaliesberg mountain range lies in between the highveld savannah of the Witwatersrand and the African bushveld, stretching roughly from past Rustenburg in the west, past Pretoria to Bronkhorstspruit in the east. This mountain range is almost 100 times older than Everest with interesting geology, archaeology, fauna and flora.
The Magaliesburg Mountains were formed well over 2 billion years ago, that’s older than Everest! Both turbulent and tranquil times have been witnessed by the ageing mountains. From Tribes to Voortrekkers, battles to great hunts, the Magaliesburg has seen it all!
The town and the mountain range are named after Chief Mohale, ruler of the Po people who were living in the area when the first settlers arrived. In former years the Magaliesberg region was home to big game, including elephant.
The Magaliesberg regions are well known for their farming of citrus and subtropical fruit . The mountain range itself is about 120km long with its highest peak being about 1 780m above sea level. Owing to the high ground that the range is on, it is only about 300m above terra firma!
Some of the rocks of the Magaliesburg include: Siliceous quartzite, Feldspathic quartzite, Shale, Slate and Hornfels, Norite and Gabbro, Diabase and Dolerite, Syenite and Dwyka Tillite.

The name Magaliesburg/Magaliesberg is actually a corruption of the name of Mohale Mohale (A statue can be seen in Krugersdorp). Mohale Mohale was chief of the Po tribe way back in the days of the Voortrekkers. It has been applied to the name of a village, a river and of course the Mountain range for which the areas is famous for.

There are 3 major dams in the area, namely, Hartbeespoort Dam, Olifants Nek Dam (near Rustenburg) and Buffelspoort Dam (near Mooi Nooi).

Near to Hartbeespoort Dam is a world class Atomic Research Station, Pelindaba. Pelindaba is a Zulu word meaning the End of the Debate!

The Witwatersrand is a high quartzite ridge that runs parellel with the Magaliesburg Mountains.

Construction work on Hartebeespoort Dam began in 1916 and was completed in 1923. The dam has a capacity of over 195 million cubic metres! Construction of the Olifantsnek Dam began in 1926 and was completed in 1932. It has a capacity of only 14 million cubic metres.

Buffelspoort dam was completed in 1933 and has a capacity of only 10.7 million cubic metres.

Some of the rocks of the Magaliesburg include: Siliceous quartzite, Feldspathic quartzite, Shale, Slate and Hornfels, Norite and Gabbro, Diabase and Dolerite, Syenite and Dwyka Tillite. An excellent shop for crystals and rocks is Crystal Feeling in Magaliesburg.

There are over 120 different species of trees in the Magaliesburg area.

Over 100 various types of grasses! Many years ago elephant and lion used to walk these valleys until hunters decimated them.

Leopard are still seen in the secluded kloofs and ravines.

Over 90 species of mammals!

More than 300 species of birds!

17 Species of frogs!

20 Species of lizards!

Over 30 Species of snakes (vast majority harmeless!)

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Ibis River Retreat – Self catering accommodation in the Magaliesberg near Hartbeespoort Dam

Ibis River Retreat

Ibis River Retreat

Ibis River Retreat is located in the heart of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Reserve, only 35 min from Fourways. Spacious, charming cottages located near the rivers edge. Fully furnished with excellent finishes. The cosy lounges have jet masters for those chilly winter evenings. Each cottage has its own private terrace with loungers. The patio is equipped with braai facilities and your very own jacuzzi! On arrival, a small bottle of champagne, biscuits and pate will welcome you to your cottage and your relaxing weekend away.

The venue also offers limited spa treatments in their country spa on the property. Enjoy the benefits of our outdoor thatch lapa next to the sparkling swimming pool which overlooks the river.Treatments available all year round, in winter enjoy the outdoors with our overhead heaters and hot oils.

To make your reservation please visit the link below:


Amazwnigzwing at Hartbeespoort Dam


Amazwingzwing Zipline adventure near Hartbeespoort Dam

Located close to Hartbeespoort Dam in the Northwest is the Amazwingzwing zipline adventure. With a total length of 1.3km, made up of 7 slides, this adventure in the sky continues over ten platforms ranging in height from 2m up to 14m. Climbing the staircase takes you up to the highest platform where you can enjoy refreshments while taking in the breathtaking view of the surrounding Magaliesberg mountains and the Crocodile river.Included in your Zipline tour is a meal voucher to be enjoyed in the relaxed atmosphere of the terrace at Amanzingwe Lodge. While overlooking the slides you can relive and share your pleasurable experience with a friend or family.

Ama Zwing Zwing Zip Lines will blow your mind, while viewing nature in the most exhilarating and adventurous style. And you don’t have to be fit.

Contact Unwind on 014 5770060 for more information and bookings for the Hartbeespoort Dam Amazwingzwing Zipline Adventure!